About Devi Mahatamye

Satwai is the Godess of Destiny and is also known as the Sixth-day goddess. When a child is born it is believed in hindu religion that Satwai Devi writes his destiny on the babies forehead therefore, Satwai Devi Temple has lot of importance for new born child & mother. The temple was first made of old type mud, stone & bricks. Dubere village is famous because of Satwai Devi Mandir & people around this village come around to follow a tradition called "Jawal".

This is a ritual in which a baby boy up to the age of 2–3 years is brought here. Hairs of the baby boy are cut for devotion to the Satwai Devi. People have holistic faith in goddess. Women who are not able to conceive pregnancy or cant have child come here & pray to the goddess, people not only from Maharashtra but also from Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka & from countries like America, France, Germany come here to pray with hope & devotion.

The devotees bring toys, zhulas & nadapudi for devi if the wishes are fulfilled. Many people bring food material & cook food for naivedya (Food for Devi), vegetarian food is prepared for devi & non - vegetarian food is prepared for Kaloba who is guard for devi.

Devotees who come to take darshan of devi directly go their own homes instead of visiting anybody & take bath after going to their respective homes